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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 22, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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the mad scramble for holiday deals coming earlier and earlier. >> i'm excited because i'm looking for my first flat screen tv. >> this year, black friday shoppers are hitting stores
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before some even enjoyed their thanksgiving dinner. we'll show you what some are willing to go through to get the best holiday deals this season. >> >> a good thanksgiving evening to everyone. plaque friday shopping starting early. already, shoppers filling up their carts. we find jr stone at the wal- mart in san leandro. the first round of deals have been released. how is it going? >> it's going well. busy scene, some of the officers trying to keep a close eye on the situation. you can see the fences they put up as people make their way to try to get their deals. >> this is my first black friday. >> are you pretty excited? >> i'm excited because i'm looking for my first flat screen tv. >> reporter: the energy on black friday. >> no -- whatever, the start of the wal-mart black friday deals. >> my nephew, my niece in there and we are going to spend money, spend money. >> >> reporter: ramona lawson is obviously ready to go. even if there was a shooting in
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this san leandro parking lot last year. >> i have a friend who works here and she told me they have revamped the whole security system. >> black friday, keep my barack obama butt at home. >> reporter: she has scoured out the merchandise to go on sale and is ready for a new 40- inch television. >> >> reporter: aisles and aisles of merchandise means you can only talk to us for so long. >> we have been here since 9:00. >> >> reporter: she sure was excited. are you looking at a small number of protests against wal- mart, one of the many nationwide that are taking place and have taken place in the last few weeks. people are making their way
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inside of wal-mart, a very busy evening here at wal-mart. reporting live, jr stone. kron4 news. >> a mad rush for any particular item? >> not necessarily. items were covered in plastic earlier. i was walking around all different sections. we are talking electronics. some open at 10:00. others open at 8:00. people are waiting, buying the the items, some of the electronics are some of the most popular. >> >> reggie shows us a target store where black friday shoppers were anxiously waiting to get inside. >> >> reporter: an i pod touch going for $149. this 50-inch, $439. half the regular price. there is even more bargains not listed in the store's black friday ad.
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he will be handing out bars to the shoppers to give them more energy after waiting outside for several hours. >> we are trying to make it as safe as possible, we have some great tools. we are passing out ads, we have actually a store map. you can text with this code here or text target, more tv's to this number here and it will give you all of the prices for the door busters we have. >> >> reporter: michael walls got the first spot in line. he has his eye on this flat screen tv. >> i know it will be cold. i dressed all up. got me something to eat, i'm good. >> is this worth it? >> i think it is. >> katie moved here from north dakota. she said she is used to waiting outside of target on black friday in the snow. >> it's nice to be here when it's not freezing. >> reporter: a few blocks, the target store in neighboring
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daily city. there were a handful of people waiting there. this man got the first spot at 6:30 am. >> i'm trying to get a camera. i wanted to make sure i got it this time. last year, i tried to get a tv. it didn't work out as well. >> those are some of the countless retailers opening their doors early with plans to entice shoppers with door busters. >> >> continuing our holiday team shopping coverage. >> reporter: it may be thanksgiving day, but people were out shopping for black friday deals. many stores were closed, but old navy and the gap were open all day. people on the hunt for discounts. >> most of them tonight, midnight. 7:00 in the morning. >> people are looking for
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boots, sweaters and $14 jeans. >> reporter: old navy's black friday discounts don't start until midnight. those looking for sales came a little too early. >> i was willing to spend some money on something, just something. >> reporter: once the doors reopen, there will be give aways like on this nintendo wi. >> >> reporter: the sales started tuesday, so they have been grabbing stuff before it disappears. >> i have to get it before the inventory gets away. >> you have enough time to see what you can buy, 60% off, 40% off. >> >> reporter: not everyone knew the gap sails already hit, but they were grateful. >> if you came here on the fly -- they have 40% off everything. >> we don't have family here. we will be out here shopping and watching movies.
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>> reporter: these stores will reopen at midnight with door buster deals and they are expecting lines around the block. alicia reid, kron 4 news >> sunny skies, mild temperatures, mid-to upper 60s in a number of locations like santa rosa. 66 degrees this afternoon. concorde, 65, 66 in redwood city, a little cooler in san francisco at 63, 64 along the coast in half moon bay. >> >> taking a live look outside from the bay ridge toll plaza. crystal clear skies. visibility is great. no clouds. cloud cover, the bulk of it is staying up to the north, high pressure is driving the storm track to the north and that will continue over the next several days. what that means is clear skies, both morning and night, we are going to see chilly conditions
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until tomorrow morning. thanks to the clear skies. they bring us warmer afternoons. that's what we'll see tomorrow. continued warming into saturday. slight cooling by sunday. big changes next week, the complete forecast coming up in just a bit >> california highway patrol out in force this thanksgiving holiday, trying to crack down on drunk driving. kron 4's charles clifford has details on that. >> reporter: from 6:00 p.m. to 11:50 p.m. , california highway patrol in what they call a maximum enforcement period. on thanksgiving day, the highway patrol released some statistics on its first day of that enforcement effort. so far, the highway patrol said statewide, eight people have been killed in fatal collisions, chp said 262 people have been arrested for driving under the influence. last year. there were three fatalities and 267 drivers were charged with
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dui. here in the bay area, no fatal accidents and 50dui arrests. now, once again, the maximum enforcement period lasts until 11:59 p.m. on sunday evening. in east bay, charles clifford, kron 4 news. now to a story you will only see on kron4. a family in vallejo looking for the driver they say killed their grandmother. last friday, the elderly woman was walking home from the store a few blocks from her home that's when the family said a gold colored car hilt her while she was in the cross walk and drove off. the family wonders if the person responsible feels any remorse and wants him or her to come forward. >> the fact that you chose to run away and not come forward,
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what kind of a person does that. the family is now going door 20 door in their neighborhood passing out flyers, hoping to find the driver. anyone with information is asked to contact the police. they can remain anonymous. some thieves did not take the holiday off. several cars on lakeshore boulevard had their windows smashed by people looking for something to steal. we spoke to one of the victims. he said the thieves did not get much, but they left him and his family with a headache they do not need on thanksgiving day. >> nothing was gone.
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-- >> police say they have no one in cut custody and how bay area volunteers gave back to the community, handing out moore meals to those in need >> plus, more volunteers who opted out of a traditional thanksgiving holiday to head out and help those affected by superstorm sandy. >> >> we'll hear from president obama in just a moment. we'll be right back. .
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>> reporter: for a handful of volunteers serving meals. >> actually, it was my wife's idea. we have everything we need and it's time to give back. >> >> reporter: turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. >> it has been a rough year, things are looking up. the rescue mission has helped me a lot. >> the rescue mission helping men fighting addiction, but on thanksgiving, meals and doors open to all richmond families. >> satisfactionion on a scale of one to 10, it's a 12. >> reporter: for 16 years bay area rescue mission providing meals for those who might not otherwise have any option.
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>> i'm not working right now. it helps to get ing to eat. >> reporter: it wasn't hard to explain what they are grateful for >> great meal. fellowship with my brother and praise to god. >> 86th annual macy's day parade kicked off in grand style. the parade started near central park west and stretches over two miles. 1600 cheerleaders, 900 clowns make their way through manhattan to millions of cheering fans. to help lift the spirit of new yorkers, the city gave away 5,000 bleacher seats to families hit hardest by the superstorm, sandy. it's estimated 3 million people were out watching the parade live and another 50 million watching out at home >> happy thanksgiving from the first family. this is a photograph president obama tweeted. the photo from a couple of
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years ago, showing the family in a happy spirit. the white house said the first family will spend thanksgiving with friends, family and staff at the white house. before the dinner, the president took time to address the country. >> i want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. this is a day for family friends, food and football. it's a day to fight the overwhelming urge to take a nap, at least until after dinner, but most of all, it's a time to give things for each other and the incredible bounty we enjoy in this country. >> >> reporter: during the address, president obama talked about those in the northeast who are still recovering from super storm sandy and all of the volunteers still helping them and today was no exception as volunteers stand out across- sections of new york devastated by the storm on long island, the long beach nonprofit group surf for all hosted a
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thanksgiving event that fed 1200 people. >> >> it certainly was a nice thanksgiving afternoon, but it is going to be a chilly night, tonight, temperatures already dropping into the 40s in a few locations. 47 in santa rosa, 46 in fair ophelia. we are expecting cool conditions, but warmer conditions into tomorrow afternoon. a look at your weekend forecast, sunny skies and warmer temperatures expected tomorrow, saturday, sunday, we are going to cool down a little bit, but still on the mild side. the one down side to all of this will be the cooler morning temperatures. as we take a look at the satellite and radar picture. high pressure driving the storm track to the north, keeping things cool overnight. clear skies. i have dropped down some of these temperatures into the 30s. because we saw 30s in vallejo last night, i see no reason why that won't happen again. it will be a degree or two
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colder. 37 in santa rosa. 39 in concorde. 40 in livermore. 44 in freemont and 44 in san jose. chilly in the morning, but nice in the afternoon. temperatures in the south, 70 in sunnyvale and san jose. inland, valley, upper 60s and 70s. 70 in pleasantton. 60s for our east bay shores. low 60s along the coastline. 65 in san francisco and mainly upper 60s for the north bay. as for the sierra, dry and mild there as well. we'll see temperatures in the 50s tomorrow and saturday, cooling a little for sunday. rain will be back in our forecast forecast as we head into next week. let's look at our ski report. three resorts that are open
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right now -- no new snow, but we could get some into late next week. we'll keep it dry. wednesday, increasing clouds, thursday, a chance of showers, wu #e will keep you posted on that as it gets closer >> coming up later in sports, san francisco triple a championship. high school footballship championships, a thriller. that, later in sports. . [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪
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thanksgiving takes a tragic turn when a massive pileup on an interstate turns deadly. we will show you where and the cause of it all. >> >> then, families travel to come together, some are saying farewell as troops head overseas. we have this story an more, coming up when kron 4 news at 8:00 continues. cold weather overnight. a lot of 30-degree readings, otherwise in the 40s. we'll talk about the cold mornings, but nice afternoons, coming up. .
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several cars along langeshore boulevard have been broken into. possibly six cars all together. police say they are investigating the break ins, but currently have no suspects. >> >> hundreds of people across the bay area lining up for the start of the holiday shopping season, hoping to snag a deal, but not everybody is happy that some stores are opening today. some wal-mart workers are striking during the early black friday deals. the protest started because employees were upset they had to work on thanksgiving, now, they are demanding better working conditions and better wages. >> >> airports are packed with holiday travelers. it was a sad sendoff for some
8:31 pm
military families. special bracelets are helping some of the people deal with the emotional toll of deployment. >> reporter: many families heading open home for the holidays, but army captain shawn kirby is saying "good- bye." leaving his wife for a second time. >> i have been there for seven months, now i'm going back for another three. >> the first couple of months, it was hard not being with him every day. after being together for nine years. that was a shock. >> reporter: they may be thousands of miles apart this holiday season, they have found a way to stay connected. it's a bracelet, >> it has all of the saints that would protect military, saint barbara protechs those that deal with explosive s. when you wear that, know there
8:32 pm
are 75,000 people around the world wearing this and we wear it in support of you and the service of everything you have done for us. >> this originally originated at a family reunion where we had several members of my family that were serving. we started to hear stories that were compelling and heartbreaking. listening to those and remembering how much those men and women were sacrificing, i wanted to do something to give back. these are the same scarves, authentic, the same ones our soldiers are wearing. >> >> reporter: the help they may need once they return. >> then, a donation to for every bracelet that is sold and eversy scarf goes to the intrepid heros fund. we wear these, showing our support, but when they return to the united states, it provides them much-needed help,
8:33 pm
a physical rehab center and we are raising funds for ptsd centers across the country. >> for captain kirby and his wife, the bracelets make them feel close even though they on separate continents >> we have done seven months and now a few more. i think it will be just fine. >> >> reporter: scarves and bracelets, simple items providing comfort for soldiers heading into battle. for their families back home and those fighting to recover from war. april williams. >> >> the chow line was extra special for american servicemen andwomen in afc, today. senior leaders from the 1st infantry served the thanksgiving dinner to the troops -- other senior leaders at the airfield have been serving their juniors all in a way to boost moral for those so
8:34 pm
for from their loved ones on this holiday. >> >> newly released details about the at sea burial of osama bin laden. detailed that osama bin laden's burial at sea last year followed traditional islamic procedures. fewer than a does leadership witnessed it on a carrier. his body was washed, wrapped in a white sheet and placed in a bag. after a few religious remarks, the body was placed on a flat board and tipped 23450 the sea, few of the officers and enlisted personnel were aware of the burial ceremony happening onboard the ship. >> >> after eight days of deadly attacks, israeli troops are packing up their station on the gaza border. a visible sign in the middle east, that shows the cease-fire seems to be holding up.
8:35 pm
here, you can see celebrations over the agreement, part of the truce demands that gaza's border crossing be opened up to allow the movement of people and goods. set to happen sometime tonight. however, the death toll is still rising, 163 deaths in gaza. more victims are removed from the rubble after the bombings this week, a number of israelis have died. meantime, the man police say is responsible for the bus bombing in bombing inialty receive. the bombing injured 27 people near israel's military headquarters and threatened the cease-fire negotiation efforts that was designed to end the fighting between israel and gas disa. >> >> national news, a massive deadly pileup in texas forces an interstate to close for hours. it happened this morning on
8:36 pm
interstate 10 in south east texas, 80-miles east of houston. an estimated 100 vehicles were involved. two people in an s.u.v. died. 120 are injured and more than 50 people were taken to area hospitals. you can see how large of the area that accident site is. people say there were extremely dense fog at the time of the accident. vehicles were on top of each other, a chained reaction accident. the people that passed away were hit from behind in their by a tractor-trailer. eastbound lanes were closed for more than eight hours today. grant lodus -- krons with 4 news. >> >> temperatures on the mild side, 66 in santa rosa. 63 for san francisco. and the upper 60s in redwood city. mid-60s for concorde. upper 60s in fairfield this
8:37 pm
afternoon. looking outside from the bay bridge toll plaza, clear skies this evening. meaning chilly conditions throughout the overnight hours, temperatures are already getting down there. 48 in nevada, right now, 47 in santa rosa. 47 in vallejo as well. a lot of places in the 40s. widespread 40s, even some 30s, take a look at your morning low temperature. crank up the heat if you are in santa rosa or napa. 40 in livermore. 442 in freemont. chilly all around. we'll talk more about the overnight temperatures and afternoon warming cupping up in just a bit. >> >> predickions on who will be taking home an oscar already underway. almost three months before the nomination ceremony takes place, we'll take a look at top movie contenders when kron4 news at 8:00 returns.
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still ahead, highlights of all of the sports, coming up. .
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tracking all of the early movie oscar contenders. -- >> "lincoln." is already getting a lot of
8:44 pm
buzz. >> >> critics think oscar voters may double down on 007. with "sky fall." people are starting to talk about james bond being in the "best picture" race, which i think is a good possibility of it happening. >> reporter: if it gets the best picture nod, it would be the first for a bond movie. but it may not end there. >> javier bardemocrat, absolutely great in "skyfall." and judy dench >> reporter: can you the oscar race is far from set. some possible contenders has not even opened, yet. >> hugh jackman and anne hathaway >> and russell crowe and the big musical of the season. >> everybody is looking at that one, you know, the other rivals are looking at it like "i hope
8:45 pm
it's not good." >> reporter: are there any individual performances that jump out at you right now? >> one of the tightest best actor races i have seen so far. there is anthony hopkins as alfred hitchcock in "hitchcock." >> daniel day lewis in "lincoln." >> reporter: he could face competition from bill murray -- >> bill murray nails this pour trail of roosevelt. we have the battle of the presidents, all of a sudden. >> the best actress picture is still kind of murky. it kofi tour kiera knightly. and there is helen mirren has alfred hitchcock's wife. add it up, what do you have in a real request competitive
8:46 pm
award season. >> that's why we love this time of the year. >> >> reporter: michelle turner, hollywood. >> great weather out there on this thanksgiving holiday. nice weather will continue into the weekend. the one down side, mao -- very chilly morning. courtty of the clear skies we will be enjoying, temperatures warming into the upper 60s in more locations, low 70s by saturday. cooling slight lie into sunday, but still going to be pretty mild. >> >> taking a look at the radar picture. storm track being pushed well to the north thanks to the high pressure building over california right now. that's going to keep skies clear and keep things chilly overnight. taking a look at future cast. temperatures widespread into the 40s. we'll see some 40s out there, but we'll see some 30s, i'll show you those in a moment. temperatures quickly climbing into the 60s nearly everywhere. i think a few low 70s out
8:47 pm
there. let's take a look neighborhood by neighborhood. starting with our morning low temperature, chilly morning if you are heading out for black friday deals. 36 in nap that. 36 in santa rosa. also, chilly in freemont. 42 -- 43 in san jose. >> for the afternoon. temperatures getting into the 70s in san jose. 70 there. 70 in sunnyvale. 68 in palo alto. inland valley, mainly the upper 60s, upper 60s for our east bay shores. low 60s along the coastline. 65 in san francisco. upper 60s expected for the north bay. going to stay mild in the sierra, dry conditions expected through the weekend, fairly warm for this time of the year in the mid-50s. low 50s for saturday, getting back into the 40s by saturday. if you want to do any skiing, this weekend, we have several
8:48 pm
resorts open right now. kirkwood, shoe bar bowl, brought to you by the ski report. taking a look at your extended forecast, warmer weather this weekend. staying mild early next week, but changes coming late, with cloud cover and possibly rain by thursday. >> >> all right, hello, everyone in honor of thanksgiving, we have the annual turkey bowl mission up town. playing for the championship take a look at the trophy they are playing for, third quarter, 14-0. quarterback antwon porter leads a comeback. weaves his way through defenders. turns it up field for the 7- yard touchdown. porter had 159 through the air. 22 seconds to play, mission up seven, qb sneak it is out. 21-20, mission, the coach decides to go for two instead
8:49 pm
of the tie and it pays off. two point conversion is good. lincoln wins it 22-21 in dramatic fashion. back-to-back titles for lincoln. their 8th city champion. conflicting reports on whether alex smith has been returned. smith wearing the "do not touch me" black jersey and smith has not been cleared to play following his concussion 11- days ago, but that could come as early as tomorrow. contrary to an espn report that smith a been cleared to play. no decision has been made as to who will start sunday in new orleans, despite reports that cappernick has been named a starter. don't expect any announcement before sunday. three games and a ton of
8:50 pm
offense today in the nfl. let's get rolling with tom brady and the patriots at the york jets, brady finding shane -- turn on the jets, goes untouched until the end. 3-yards for the touchdown. it just got worst from there from new york. brady, 323-yards. three touchdowns, how bad are the jets? this pretty much sums it up. steven gregory goes the other way for the touchdown. 21-0. 10 seconds later, it got worst. joe mcnight, the ball comes loose. two touchdowns, 10 seconds, game over, rex ryan, 49-19, patriots win and improve to 8- 3. jets fall to 4-7 >> check out washington, d'angelo hall, up ircut to cowboys dez bryant looks around to see if it's all clear to
8:51 pm
retaliate. then he thinks "no, it's thanksgiving, let's get along." tony romo finds bryant for the 5-yard touchdown. the longest of romo's career. cowboys are down by 14. robert griffin the third was the man. fourth touchdown pass of the game -- pretty much it, griffin, 311-yards, their first win ever on thanksgiving against dallas. they were 0-6, one more game, texans at the lions. houston texans got lucky in detroit, i'll show you why in a minute. matthew stafford. perfect touch on this to calvin johnson. he had 441-yards, matching romo's total third quarter, lions up by 10 and texas runningback, justin forset, it
8:52 pm
looks he like he he keeps running even though everyone else stops. it's a touchdown. the detroit coach immediately throws the red flag, orders a review. since schwartz threw the challenge flag, which is not allowed on scoring plays, the review is negated, through rules, the short one stands. defensive coordinator, clips his -- i don't blame him. sounds like a pretty bad rule. we go to overtime, jason could win it for detroit and all would be well, but it's no good. houston gets the ball back. driveses down the line 16 and shane graham, he gets it inside of the left up right, winning 32-yard field goal, texans win in overtime. 34-31. improving >> it is looking like raiders
8:53 pm
runningback darren mcfaden will miss another game with a high ankle sprain when the raiders visit cincinnati. >> >> we have college hoops, 13th ranked know m in the bahamas. fouled, makes the freethrow. he had 22 points on the game, under a minute to go. phil presley, dumped to alex -- missouri wins 78-70. big game, second half, he hits the three-pointer from the corner. that makes it 50-41. gails, 32 points in the game and then he will feed brad wallace for the dunk, 72-59, saint mary's at that juncture. they go on to win. >> >> when we return, you are not supposed to touch your players. did this coach go too far? we have that story in a minute,
8:54 pm
don't move, back in a moment. .
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8:56 pm
moore head coach facing possible discipline action after shoving one of the players. he continued to bee rate i atkinson, following him to the bench, yelling at him. interesting side bar meanwhile, burns, a giant
8:57 pm
no more. out and going to cincinnati. he will be a reds, signing a minor league contract with the reds. one time first round pick, never really panned out, he was a first round pick in 2006, .243 career hitter with the giants. >> >> that's sports. >> >> have a nice evening, everybody. .
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